Palestinian sources reported on Saturday that an Israeli army force killed two Palestinians near the village of Anabta near the West Bank city of Tulkarem, in Friday night.
The army force claimed that it had shot and killed two armed men who opened fire at their jeep causing some damage.  No Israeli soldiers were wounded in the incident, the source said.
Palestinian medics reported that only one body was found with no arms.   
The medics evacuated another man who was wounded, but he died shortly afterwards.
Earlier Friday, Palestinian gunmen shot and seriously wounded a Palestinian Authority police officer who came with his unit to settle a dispute in Tulkarem, witnesses said.
Witnesses said that the gunmen fired on police who were called to deal with an argument in a cafe.
One police officer was in critical condition after being shot in the stomach, hospital officials said.
Internal disuptes are becoming a big concern of the Palestinian Authority especially those which involve the usage of weapons.  Such incidents add to the burden on the shoulder of the Palestinian Authority to maintain the rule of law in its terretories.