The Palestinian National Authority (P.A), said that it plans to disarm Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement in the coming weeks, and that it intends to incorporate the brigades’ members in its security devices.

Al Aqsa brigades, one of the main resistance armed groups, enjoys wide public support, disarming it could be a difficult task the P.A intends to carry.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, falling under international and Israeli pressures attempted to control the armed groups in the Palestinian areas, but he refuses the Israeli calls to confront the armed factions in order not inflame internal conflict and violence in the P.A controlled areas.

On Sunday, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei, announced a new plan during a meeting with top security chiefs and officials.

Qurei said that he and the security chiefs to establish five new training camps to host the fighters who will be incorporated in the security devices.

Disarmament efforts would start in Ramallah and Nablus, north of the West Bank before moving to other Palestinian areas.

Qurei added that the P.A and the government intend to conduct all of the needed procedures in order to control the security situation and maintain law and order in the Palestinian controlled areas.

Nasser Yousef, P.A minister of interior and top security commander, reported that the training camps would be operational within weeks.

Yousef stated that the international efforts and the American coordinator William Ward played an important role in aiding the P.A in its efforts to control the security situation.

“Chaos and insecurity was caused by the occupation, and its continuous military attacks”, Yousef said, “We will rebuild our institutions, and impose law and order”.

Al Aqsa Brigades spokesperson, Said Abu Ahmed, reported that the brigades are confident that the fighters would support the new plan; Israeli security officials are skeptic about the statements of Abu Ahmed.

Palestinian security officials are slated to visit Nablus next week in order to evaluate the security situation there and collect information which will be provided to the government along with recommendations.