Salem Israeli military court delayed, on Sunday, announcing the verdict against the jailed Palestinian legislator, and head of the Refugees Rights Defense Committee, Husam Khader, until November, 27, 2005.

The court delayed reading the verdict upon request of lawyer Riyadh Al Anees, who represents Khader.

Al Anees said that amidst the current tension between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli courts tend to issue high verdicts against the Palestinian detainees.

Khader was arrested by the Israeli army on March 17, 2003. He is a 44-year-old father of four children.

Al Anees reported that the Israeli military prosecution filed a modified charges list against Khader after it was unable to prove several charges against him.

The modified list includes charging Khader of “committing violations by aiding un-authorized organizations”, and providing the organization with tools to commit a crime, in addition to charging him of “not attempting to stop violations and attacks against Israeli targets”.

Khader did not confess to any of the charges filed against him, which made it difficult for the prosecution to prove most of its claimed charges.

Khader underwent sever interrogation and bad conditions for 90 days. In spite that the interrogators used physical and physiological violence against him, he did not confess to any of the charges filed against him.