Israeli soldiers invade the village of Bil’in, near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday at dawn, attacked and clubbed several residents, and arrested three, inducing a two 14 and 17 year-old youth.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in, told the IMEMC that a huge military force surrounded the village on Tuesday approximately at 1 A.M in preparation to invade it and arrest several residents.

“The residents heard the loud speakers of the village’s mosque calling on them to defend their village” Abu Rahma said, “When they left their homes they found out that soldiers have already abducted three residents”.

Abu Rahma identified the arrestees as Nour Mahmoud Yassin, 20, Nayef Ghazi Al Ghateeb, 17, and Ahmad Issa Yassin, 14 years old.

Dozens of residents attempted to stop the army from advancing further into the village and stood in front of the military jeeps; in spite that the soldiers did not fire at the residents, they used excessive physical violence by using their batons against the residents who stood in the streets in an attempt to bar the soldiers arresting the three youth.

Soldiers withdrew from the village after arresting the three residents, Abu Rahma reported.

Abu Rahma also stated that the soldiers carried a list which includes names of residents they intend to arrest. 18 residents were arrested in Bil’in over the last ten days.

“They cannot stop us from peacefully protesting against the wall”, Abu Rahma said, “These attacks are part of a wider campaign against the village, its residents and orchards”.

There are approximately 1600 residents living in Bil’in, they mainly depend on agriculture as their source of livelihood.

The Separation Wall Israel in constructing there will isolate 2300 Dunams planted with approximately 1000 Olive trees.

There are three Israeli settlements near Bil’in, part of the lands these settlements occupy belong to the residents of Bil’in, while the rest belong to Palestinian residents of neighboring villages.

Israel is currently planning to construct two additional settlements to be part of the Modi’in Elite settlement bloc in the area.

“This is not a security Wall”, Abu Rahma reported, “This is a wall to grab our lands, and construct more settlements in the area”.