The Israeli police in the West Bank released on Wednesday four settler youth who were held on Monday, October 24, after abusing a Palestinian child and throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles.

The four settler youth are from Qadumim settlement; they were released under the condition of not entering the Palestinian areas, and to remain under night house arrest.

The Israeli prosecution filed charges against the four settler-youth last Thursday, and demanded that they remain in remand until the end of legal proceedings against them.

The prosecution said that the four youth, along with a fifth settler, ambushed Palestinian vehicles near Jeet Junction, and attacked a 13-year-old Palestinian child who was selling vegetables near the junction.

The settlers struck the child, threw the vegetables on the street, and stole two mobile phones which belong to his brothers in order to bar him from calling the police.

After attacking the child, the settlers ambushed Palestinian vehicles and hurled stones at them in the same area.

The four were identified as Ozi’el Shalif, 18, Shimon Shalter, 19, Haim Klein, 21, and Yarif Shipo, 21.

The four are charged of conducting violations which endangered human life, and causing damage. Yet, the court decided to release them.