Christian Zionists (Part I)
There are over 200 of these evangelical organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. They are committed to Christian Zionism to the fullest. They are supremely influential here in the United States, which means they give birth to consequences for the rest of the world. Just by looking at their name (Christian Zionist), which many religious bodies go under, should tell the reader of their enormous influence in the part of the world known as the Middle East. More specifically, they have tremendous sway over the foreign policy of the United States, which has and will continue to hold power over the Palestinian people, until the shackles are broken. Their clout reaches into the Oval Office itself. All this is accomplished through videos, books, films, websites and more; however, nothing is more effective than their lobbying muscle. Their many lobbies combined with the Jewish lobby is almost unstoppable in the damage to the Islamic world that can be accomplished.
We must identify their core beliefs so as to better understand them and hopefully counter their negative and destructive influence. Naturally, the Bible is taken literally, in itself no real danger. The danger comes with the notion that the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem must one day replace the Dome of the Rock. This is not to be taken lightly. If Christian Zionists were to be given supreme power today, the Dome of the Rock would be a memory. Sitting in its place would be the third Jewish Temple.
Core belief number two held by the Christian Zionists is that the Jewish people remain the “chosen people.” In addition, the promise of God to the Jews of giving them Canaan to hold in perpetuity still holds true, according to these groups. Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Golan are to be held by the Jews with absolute right of possession, believe the Christian Zionists. Jerusalem is to be and remain undivided and the capital of Israel.
”Jerusalem must remain undivided as the eternal capital of the Jewish people.”
The…”battle for Jerusalem has begun, and it is time for believers in Christ to support our Jewish brethren and the State of Israel.”
Well-known evangelists such as Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson signed a statement which included the preceding words. There are many others and together they influence millions of Americans. Moreover, they have great influence in the halls of power.
We have seen some of the views and anticipated actions on the part of the dangerous Christian Zionists. In part II we will see more views held by this group and more anticipated actions along with events now going on that were instigated by them.
Christian Zionists (Part II)
Christian Zionists are at the forefront of resistance to any U.S. government or international government or agency that wills Israel to give up its occupation (U.N. Resolution 242). They applaud any new settlement that appears on Arab land. In fact, some churches affiliated with the Christian Zionist brand of Christianity have adopted Jewish settlements. They expect them to be there until the end of time.
Another truism of this Christian Zionist movement is its hateful racism, particularly the kind directed at the Arabs and the Palestinians. Their Antichrist had been Yasser Arafat; there will be others represented and smeared, of this we can be certain. The Arabs are called descendants of Ishmael and are depicted to have shown hatred to other peoples throughout recorded history.
Their Scripture contains the final battle, Armageddon. Thus they do not fear total war that will end life as we know it. In fact, this is to be looked upon favorably, for they have construed the Old and New Testaments falsely and use it as their guidebook for policy and dealing with the inhabitants of the “holy land.” This is openly portrayed through many books by the author, Hal Lindsey (The Final Battle), and many others.
This dangerous coalition between the Jewish Zionists both across the globe and in Israel, and the Christian Zionists began to grow considerably in 1967. They saw the Israeli victory in the 1967 attack by the Zionists on sovereign peaceful Arab states and Palestinians as sanctioned by God. They are tied to the Likud party in Israel as a hand fits into a glove. Bush the Second will not make the same mistake as his father and try to steer a somewhat independent course in the Middle East.
The Christian Zionists have no doubt of their correct path. They see it in their Scripture. According to them, God is directing their actions. These actions have fortified Israel’s belligerence and at times one cannot see who is really in charge – the Israeli Zionists or the Christian Zionists. As long as Israel benefits politically and economically by this alliance, they will not protest the bottom line. This result, based on the New Testament, does not hold anything positive for the survival of the Jews. In fact, at the end of this Biblical story, there are not many Jews left. The Zionists are not worrying about what might or might not happen according to Biblical truths. Right now they are in a marriage of convenience with the Christian Zionists; perhaps both parties using each other for their own benefit.
The United States has invaded a second country in its “Crusade,” the action sanctioned by the Christian Zionist allies of both Bush and Israel. It will not stop here. A final decision has not yet been made on whether to carry the U.S. military expedition on to Syria, Lebanon and Iran. This mission is being closely pondered. If it were up to the Christian Zionists, we would be in Iran today. Recent news events are pointing in this direction, with inevitable pressure on the aforementioned states, combined with secret warfare. If all else fails, military action in conjunction with our few remaining allies such as Israel will inevitably occur.
* The article was published on the Arab Median Internet network (AMIN) in two parts
* Preston Taran is a writer and editor living in New York.