The Netanya Magistrate’s Court extended on Friday afternoon, the remand of a settler youth suspected of attacking an Israeli army officer, to three days.

The incident took place last week as the army was evacuating an illegal settlement outpost constructed by “hilltop youth” near Elon Moreh settlement in the West Bank.

The settler, 17 years old, is suspected of punching a Lieutenant Colonel Benny Shick, deputy battalion commander, in his eye. The commander required hospitalization.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the settler was arrested, on Thursday, at the entrance of Itamar settlement, in the West Bank. He moved recently to Avri Ran settlement, north of the West Bank, and is considered the leader of the “hilltop youth” settler group.

Several military and police officers were attacked during the course o evacuating Gaza Settlements and four settlements in the West Bank; settler youth assaulted officers, tore their military uniforms and attacked military vehicles.