altThe Israeli Newspaper Haaretz said in its online edition that scores of Israelis were evacuated from the Hotels in Amman hours before the explosions.

‘A number of Israelis staying on Wednesday at the Radisson hotel were evacuated before the bombing by Jordanian security forces, apparently due to a specific security alert. They were escorted back to Israel by security personnel,’ Haaretz said.
There were no Israeli casualties in the explosion, Haaretz said, adding that Israel warned its residents against going to Jordan after receiving hot alerts about attacks there.

The Palestinian Authority declared three days of morning for those killed in Amman Blasts.  Among the victims, four Palestinian officials, including, chief of the military intelligence, Mag-Gen Bashir Nafe’a, Director of the Ministry of Interior Col. Abed Alloun, the commercial attache in Palestinian embassy in Egypt, Jihad Fattouh, and Mos’ab Khourma, former director of the Ministry of Communication.

Fattouh is brother to the chair of the Palestinian Parliament, Rawhi Fattouh.   The three were killed in the Radison SAS hotel explosion.

67 killed, at least 300 injured in Amman blasts

The Jordanian Ministry of Health reported that 67 were killed, and at least 300 were injured in the three blasts which took place almost simultaneously at three hotels in the Jordanian capital of Amman on Wednesday at night. Most of the killed persons are Jordanians.

Jordanian security sources reported that the blasts might have been carried out by suicide bombers.

Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher said the largest blast occurred at the Radisson Hotel during a wedding celebration. Muasher confirmed that the blast which took place at the wedding hall was suicidal.

The CNN reported that Jordanian Embassy officials in Washington said the blasts came without warning and that no Jordanian government officials were in any of the buildings. Also, Jordan officially completely closed it land borders with the neighboring countries after the blasts.

King Abdullah of Jordan condemned the attacks, and described them as “criminal acts committed by a deviant and misleading bunch”. King Abdullah added that the attacks will not bend Jordan from continuing its battle against terrorism.

The king returned home Wednesday at night, after he cut short his official visit to Kazakhstan. ‘The hand of justice will get to the criminals who targeted innocent secure civilians with their cowardly acts,’ he said in a statement carried by the official Petra news agency

At least 31 killed, 200 injured in three blasts in Amman

 Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies – Wednesday, 09 November 2005, 23:26

Three explosions rocked the Jordanian capital Amman on Wednesday at night, killing at least 31 people, and wounding 200 others. The blasts struck the Grand Hayat, Radisson SAS and Days Inn Hotels The first blast took place at about 22:00 hours at the Grand Hayat Hotel, which is popular with tourists and diplomats. At least seven killed by the explosion, several persons were injured.

The explosion was apparently caused by a bomb which went of in the lobby.

A few minutes after the first blast, a second explosion occurred at the Radisson SAS hotel, which is close to the Grand Hayat. Jordanian Police reported that five bodies were found and at least twenty persons were injured.

The Third explosion took place in the Days Inn Hotel, police reported several casualties.

All of the hotels were evacuated after the blasts. One of teh explosion took place durin a wedding party.

A Jordanian police official said on the condition of anonymity said that the blasts carry the trademark of Al Qaeda terrorist network but did not confirm it.

“This is not certain”, he said, “We are still investigating”.

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an Al Qaeda affiliated group in Syria and Egypt released a statement immediately after the blasts and claimed responsibility for them, Israeli online daily Ynentnews reported.

All the hotels are located in the commercial Jabal Amman district of the Jordanian capital and are frequented by Western business travelers and diplomats.

The Qatar based, Al Jazeera Satellite news Channel reported that Jordan had recently received warnings of possible terrorist attacks.

The Israeli embassy in close to the Days Inn hotel, but the police does not believe that it was a target.

All foreign embassies in Amman were barricaded and surrounded by the police after the explosions, a Jordanian security source told Al Jazeera.

The White House in Washington strongly condemned that attacks, Al Jazeera reported.

King Abdullah of Jordan  condemened the attacks, and vowed to acts against the sides behind it.

Notably, the Days Inn Hotel, which was struck by the third explosion, is close to the Israeli embassy. Also, the attacks took place as Israel was planning to open the Allenby crossing overnight to allow Israeli to leave Jordan