Sheikh Sharif Tahaina, one of the prominent political leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, called on the International community and Human Rights organizations to act against the Israeli violations, and continuous attacks which violate the international law.

Sheikh Tahaina told the Palestinenet new website, that the Israeli government is avoiding the implementation of its obligations, and denies the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

“We have been committed to the truce since it was declared in Cairo last February”, Tahaina said, “but Israel resumed its operations, invasions, arrests, and escalated them recently”.

Also, Sheikh Tahaina stated that Israel continued its land grab policies, intensified the closure of the occupied territories and launched war against the resistance, while the international countries and agreements failed to protect the Palestinians.

“The Islamic Jihad is committed to a truce which is respected by both parties”, Tahaina added, “but we not will retaliate the Israeli attacks and operations”.

Sheikh Tahaina called on the Palestinian factions, and people, to unify and added that resistance does not contradict with the unity of the people and factions.

“We want truce, but we don’t want a truce which is forced by Sharon, while he continues to arrest and kill our people”, Sheikh Tahaina stated, “The number of detainees significantly increased, settlement activities resumed, and assassinations were renewed by the Israeli government”.

“We will not renew the truce if the Sharon government does not fulfill its obligations”, he added, “Resistance achieved an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. If Sharon wants peace, he should start releasing the detainees, remove the Wall and Israeli settlements in the West Bank”.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Mahmoud Zahhar, one the Hamas political leaders said that Israel closed all paths of peace talks, and that the movement does not intend to negotiate with Israel.

“We saw what Israel did in Oslo talks, in Taba and in Sharm Al Sheikh”, Zahhar said, “The Palestinian Authority said that peace talks with Israel are considered a strategic option, but Israel voided this option, and continued its violations and attacks”.

Also, Zahhar added that after the legislative elections, and after the Palestinian people elect their leadership, the new leadership will decide whether to negotiate or not.

Commenting on the statements of the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Dan Hallutz, regarding the resumption of the assassination policy, Zahhar said that these statements aren’t new, and that Israel never stopped its aggression and assassinations.

“We will defend ourselves; nobody should expect us to remain calm while Israel attacks us”. Zahhar said, “All of the factions declared their commitment to the truce, but Israel never respected it”.

Also, Zahhar added that the movement will participate in the upcoming legislative elections in spite of the Israeli attacks, and interference in the Palestinian internal affairs.