The autopsy performed at the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine revealed Sameer Dari, 26, was shot in the back while he was standing outside of his car, which contradicts an Israeli police report which claimed that he attempted run over an officer.

“The police lied”, an inspector at the Israeli Police Central Inspection Committee said, “Border guards policemen shot and killed Dari without any excuse, he did not pose any danger on their lives”.

Israeli border policemen claimed on Wednesday at night that they fired at Dari in Al Esawiyya town, near Jerusalem, after he tried to ram them with his car. The investigation committee revealed that he could not have done that since he was out of his car when he was shot.

“The claim that Dari attempted to run over an officer is baseless”, a senior Israeli police officer said, “if he had intended to run over officers, he would have also run over his nephew”.

Sever clashes erupted in Al Esawiyya after Dari was killed; dozens of youth clashed with soldiers and police men and hurled stones at them. Soldiers fired concussion grenades, gas bombs and rubber coated bullets.

After the fetal shooting of Dari, the Israeli police claimed that soldiers were ambushing a car thief in the village and that they managed to arrest him and took him to the French Hill area in Jerusalem.

The police initially claimed that while at the junction in the French hill, Dari came speeding, and drove towards the officers in an attempt to run over one of them.

“He made a U-turn, attempted to flee the area, and was shot killed by the office”, the initial report claimed. Also some police sources claimed that passenger in the car pushed the wounded Dari out of the vehicle, and drove away.

Yet, the forensic report which revealed that Dari was shot while he was outside of his vehicle voids the police claims.