The court at the Ofer Military Base sentenced, on Thursday,  eight of the 17 arrestees from the west bank village of Bil’in between two and four months detention plus a fine of NIS 1000, the International Solidarity movement media group said in press release.

Among them was 14-year-old Abdullah Ahmed Yassin who was sentenced for four months detention and one thousand shekel fine.  Only one of the activists was offered release on bail of NIS 10,000, but the prosecution was given 72 hours to appeal against the court decision during which time he will remain in custody, the ISM stated.
The other eight remaining Bil’in youth will be held in custody until the end of their proceedings. Presently only one of them has had a court date set for January 9th.
According to earlier ISM reports, the seventeen boys were arrested following an act of non-violent resistance by villagers from Bil’in, who ‘implementing the decision of the International Court of Justice that Israel’s illegal wall should be dismantled’ removed metal posts meant to serve as foundation for the wall on Bil’in land.
The Israeli military reacted to this with a series of nightly military incursions during which a total of 17 boys and young men were arrested. They were originally accused of damaging the barrier, but later were all charged with throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.