Residents of Deir Al Balah city in the central Gaza Strip demanded the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to halt firing the home-made Qassam shells as they often fall on their houses.

In their statement, the residents denounced destroying a house that belongs to Fathi A’fanah and seriously injuring him, when one of these shells landed at the house earlier last week.
The statement accused Hamas of functioning based on self-interest instead of national interests.
The statement added that the damage caused by these shells to Palestinian houses is seems to be as if Hamas has decided to turn the houses of the residents of Deir Al- Balah into warehouses and launching pads, and experiment fields for the Qassam shells.

Residents of Deir Al Balah called on the Palestinian Authority and its security departments to take every necessary procedure to stop the state of chaos and lawlessness in the area before it is too late.