The Israeli army admitted that soldiers killed an injured fighter of the Al Aqsa Brigades, while he was laying on the ground, and soaked with his blood, in front of a home in the West Bank city of Jenin.

Israeli media sources reported that the Central Command at the Israeli army investigated the death of Shuja’ Bal’awy, 26, after residents of the area reported that he was “executed in a cold blood”.

An Israeli military source claimed that soldiers were operating against resistance fighters in Jenin area, and spotted three residents, including two armed men.

“Soldiers fired at the group, and injured at least one of them”, the source stated.

The force conducted military searches, scanned that area, and uncovered a Kalashnikov rifle, with stains of blood, in one of the homes.

“Troops sent a dog into the house’s yard for fear that the wanted fighter is still armed”, army source claimed.

Soldiers claimed that the injured fighter began to move suspiciously, and shouted at the soldiers; soldiers opened fire, and killed him in spite of his injury.

According to the soldiers, the terrorist began shouting and moving suspiciously. The soldiers opened fire toward him and killed him.

Bal’awy is a member of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement.

The Israeli Radio reported that it was revealed later on the Bal’awy was not armed when he was shot dead.

A source at Al Aqsa brigades reported that Bal’awy phoned other fighter informing him that he was injured shortly before the soldiers located and executed him.

A medical source in Jenin reported that Bal’awy suffered multiple gunshot injuries which were fired at him from a close range.

The fighters, who were with Bal’awy, reported that he suffered a minor injury before he was executed.

Kifath Nathmi, one of the relatives of Balawi, said that soldiers perforated the body of Bal’awy, and that military dogs also deformed his body.

Nathmi added that Bal’awy was committed to the truce arrived with Israel, and the he stopped his military activities in order to give the truce and peace talks a chance to develop in spite of the continuous Israeli violations.