Israeli soldiers arrested, on Tuesday at dawn, three residents after invading the town of Yatta near the West bank city of Hebron.

Under-cover units of the Israeli army, disguised as Palestinians driving two Palestinian plated cars (vans) backed by thirty armored vehicles, were deployed intensively in the town and broke into the neighborhoods of Al- Khanazeer and Al -Jurfan east of Yatta town.

An Israeli military source reported that soldiers received intelligence information that Mahmoud Hussein Al Haddar, who had been perused for more than seven years by the Israeli army, was present in the town.

Israeli troops used the microphones calling the residents to leave their homes, and surrounded a house which belongs to Ahamd Hussein Al Haddar.

At least 30 armored jeeps and vehicles invaded the village after the Special Forces surrounded the home of Al Haddar.

Four hours after the residents were forced out of their homes, the Israeli under-cover units arrested Hussein, and his brother, who heads the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Hebron district. Their cousin Mohammad Ibrahim Al Haddar was detained for several hours.

Israeli troops broke into dozens of surrounding houses, and interrogated scores of residents.

Israeli intelligence claims that Mahmoud Al Haddar is responsible for planning a number of suicide bombing carried in Israel.

Mahmoud Al Haddar is married and a father of three children. He is considered one of the prominent activists Israel hunted for seven years.