Diatribe graffiti against Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, were found at the Knesset last week, Israeli Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivilin told reporters on Thursday.

Rivilin said the findings were handed over to police for investigation, and it launched a probe into the incident.
The Knesset Speaker stated that the graffiti were discovered by a cleaning worker on the walls of the ladies room next to the Knesset plenum.
The graffiti reads ‘Rabin is waiting for Erik’ (Sharon’s nickname), “we took Rabin down, we’ll also take Sharon”, (both relating to slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin), and “the criminals responsible for the expulsion should be brought to justice’ (referring to Disengagement Plan).
 Israeli Police received various findings from the Knesset, but refused to reveal the contents of these findings.
Rivilin considered the graffiti as “very serious acts of incitement”.
“This is very disturbing, to know people are willing to risk themselves by carrying out such acts of incitements inside the Knesset”, Rivlin added.
Yitzhak Shadar, Knesset security officer said Sharon was at the Knesset when the graffiti were discovered.