Two members of Hamas, who were charged of involvement in the death of the Israeli citizen, Sasson Nuriel, were indicted by an Israeli court, on Thursday, of murder charges.

“Muhammad Rumhi and Sa’id Shalalde, members of a Hamas cell, decided to abduct Israelis, and negotiate their release later on in an attempt to secure the release of Palestinian detainees”, the indictment reads.
Nuriel was abducted on September 21; he was the employer of one of the abductors. They decided to kill him for fear to be captured by the Israeli security forces, the court said.
“Shalalde killed Nuriel using a knife”, the indictment reads, “the cell attempted to hide his body”.
In a separate incident, an Israeli military court in the West Bank sentenced resident Mohammad Barash, to three consecutive life-terms and additional 30 years, after indicting him of killing one Israeli and injuring two soldiers in a shooting attack which took place at the British Police Junction in 2000.
The court also indicted Barash of attempting to kill an Israeli in a shooting attack carried out in the French Hill, in Jerusalem.