The Palestinian National Information Center reported, on Thursday, that Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians, shot injured 18, arrested 89 and carried 639 violations during the period between November 8 and November 14, 2005.

The violations included shelling Palestinian populated areas, closures, land grab, and other attacks and violations which were carried out by the army, and settlers, in the occupied territories.
The center reported that soldiers carried 59 shooting attacks, and 37 arrest invasions during which 89 residents were arrested, and broke into Palestinian houses 144 times.  
Soldiers installed 106 checkpoints in the West Bank, and closed roads and crossing 229 times. Scores of residents were not allowed to leave the country. Medical teams were repeatedly not allowed to cross into several Palestinian areas.   
Israeli soldiers also shelled several Palestinian areas in the Gaza Strip.  
Also, the center reported that settlers conducted eight organized attacks against the residents, in addition to several separate attacks.
Attacks against Palestinian orchards continued; soldiers uprooted Palestinian trees and orchards 4 times during the period covered in this report. Construction of the Separation Wall continued in the West Bank, especially in Ramallah and Jerusalem areas.
The “East Jerusalem 1 (IEJ1)” project which intend to connect Maali Adumin settlement, with the East of Jerusalem resurfaced. Israel plans to construct 3500 units and a police station in the area which will block the geographical unity of the Palestinian areas, and separate northern West Bank areas from the south, in addition to completely isolating Jerusalem from its surround Palestinian areas.    
18536 violations were carried out by the army and settlers since the cessation of fire which was declared during the Sharm Al Sheikh summit, February 8, 2005, in Egypt; 169 residents were killed, and approximately 1000 residents were injured.
3287 were arrested , 3618 checkpoints were installed and 1861 shooting attacks were reported.
Israeli Authorities annexed 35344 Dunams, and bulldozed orchards 176 times.
Settlers carried 520 attacks against Palestinian residents and homes in the West Bank since the  
The report confirmed that Palestinian commitment to the truce and cease fire in spite of the Israeli violation and attacks carried out by soldiers and settlers against the Palestinian residents.
Israeli soldiers carried assassinations, shelled Palestinian areas using heavy artillery, and continued the attacks which directly violate the Fourth Geneva Conventions.
It is worth mentioning that under-covered military units of the Israeli army assassinated today [Thursday] two Palestinian residents in the West Bank city of Jenin.
The two residents were assassinated after an under-cover unit using a Palestinian licensed vehicle fired several rounds of live ammunition at them while they were driving close to Al Yamoun village, near Jenin.