A Palestinian resident was shot and injured, on Friday evening, by Israeli soldiers near the West Bank city of Hebron; soldiers claim that he carried a suspicious object. Earlier on Friday soldiers shot a teen boy carried a toy gun, near Ramallah.

An Israeli military source reported while soldiers were operating in Beit Kahil village, they heard an explosion, and conducted military searches in the area; they found a Palestinian holding a “suspicious object in his hand”, the source claimed.  
Soldiers shot at the man and injured him; the army could not report on the level on injury since the man fled the area.
Earlier on Friday, soldiers shot and injured a Palestinian teen, in Silwad village near Ramallah, while he was playing with a toy gun. Soldiers claimed that they had mistaken the teen for an armed fighter.
The youth, 17, was transferred by the soldiers to a hospital in Jerusalem after suffering moderate injuries, army source reported.
Soldiers claimed that they heard shot being fired at them before firing at the boy and injuring him in his leg. 
A Palestinian child was killed two weeks ago in the West Bank city of Jenin after the soldiers fired at him while he was playing with a toy gun.