The Prisoners Supporters Society reported, on Monday, that the Palestinian detainees in Shatta detention facility are facing bad conditions, lack medical attention and treatment, in addition to harsh treatment they are subjected to by Israeli soldiers.

Lawyer of the Society, Sana’ Dweik, said that the detainees are facing bad health conditions, and that some detainees are suffering bad physiological conditions, since they are placed in rooms which lacks the fundamental requirements for a normal living.
Dweik visited the facility and managed to meet with detainees Shadi Yassin, Mohammad Al Khateeb, Rabee’ Malabsha and Ahmad Abu Leil.
“There are 381detainees in Shatta, Dweik stated, “They are placed in sections, and rooms, which lack the fundamental needs, and their medical rights are neglected”. 
Shatta also lacks winter covers for the detainees< and electronic equipment.
The administration in Shatta detention facility is still disallowing several mowers from meeting the detainees.
Lawer Dweik, added that detainee Jawad Eshtiyya, suffered a disease in his eyes, lost his sight, and is still waiting to receive the medication and medical treatment he needs, while the administration is neglecting his rights.
Also, detainee Husam Al Halabi, who was shot and injured during his arrest, is suffering complications in his legs.  
The detainees complained that the administration is only allowing three detainees to see the doctor at the facility each week, which directly affects the health conditions of the detainees who need further medical aid and follow-up.
The rooms in Shatta are old, filled with humidity, and need renovation.
Also, the detainees complained that the administration is shredding the letters they receive from their families. They demanded the Prisoners Supporters Society to act along with other humanitarian organizations, against the Israeli violations to their basic rights.