Hanna Khoury, member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Aboud, near Ramallah, reported on Friday that eight residents were injured; one Israeli peace activist was detained after Israeli soldiers attacked a peaceful procession against the Wall in the village.
Khoury reported that soldiers detained three residents and severely kicked and clubbed them with batons; the three were transferred to Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Ramallah.
The three residents were identified as Abdul-Rahman and Abdullah Wajeeh, and Salaman Khoury.
Elias Azar, head of Aboud village council, talking to WAFA News Agency, said that soldiers bulldozed vast areas of Olive orchards after issuing orders to grab 3887 Dunams, which belong to the residents, last month.
Azar appealed humanitarian and international organizations to interfere in support of the village which is “under the threat of becoming a big prison”.
Several residents suffered injuries mostly in the head and hands after being attacked by the soldiers who obstructed the procession and used excessive violence against the protestors.
“Soldiers fired gas bombs at the protestors and attacked with their batons”, Khoury told the IMEMC, “One resident was hit by a concussion grenade in his head, and was hospitalized”.
Also Khoury added that senior Israeli officials of the so-called Civil Administration Office, which belongs to the Israeli Army, were present in the construction area.
Three soldiers were mildly injured after being engaged in a scuffle with some residents while attacking the procession.  
Mustafa Barghouthi, secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative was also participating in the protest along with other Palestinian figures.
The Public committee Against the Wall in Aboud also decided to hold a procession on Sunday following the prayers at the village’s Church. On Friday the procession starts after the residents gather following the Friday prayers at the villages’ mosque.