Eight Arab residents of Israeli were injured, on Friday evening, after an extremist Jewish group attacked a bus driving back to Shfa-Amr from Jerusalem.

The bus was filled with Arab residents who participated in a wedding in Jerusalem, and while on their way to the town, an extremist Jewish group attacked the bus and hurled stones at it.
The attack was carried out near Kfar Ghadid settlements.
The windows of the bus were broken, eight residents suffered injuries which were described as moderate, and several other residents suffered light wounds.
The injured residents were transferred to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.
Earlier in August 2005, an extremist settler-soldier, identified as Eden Natan Zada, killed four Arab residents from Shfa-Amr, and injured dozens of staging in a bus and opening fire at the passengers.
The victims of the attack, which was carried out by a soldier-settler from Tapoah settlement, which was evacuated under the Disengagement Plan, were identified as two sisters, Hazar 23, and Deena Torkey, 21, Nader Hayek, 55, and Michael Bahhouth, 56 years old.