Palestinian female detainees in Telmond detention facility complained of bad living conditions and violations carried out by the Israeli soldiers in Telmond detention facility.

The detainees appealed the international humanitarian organizations to interfere in order to improve their living conditions, and expose the Israeli violations against them.
The mother of detainee Islam Issa Al Adawen, told the WAFA news agency that the detainees are suffering bad living conditions, and that rats, cockroaches are spread all over the rooms and facilities of the prison.
“the rooms are filled with humidity” she said, “we lack the fundamental needs of our daily livelihood”.
She added that the detainees are not receiving the needed medical treatments and attention which is negatively affecting their psychological conditions.
The detainees appealed that Ministry of Detainees to expose the Israeli violations to the world, and act on the international level in order to guarantee their release under any peace agreement.