A senior Israeli military source reported, on Friday, that the Israeli Defense Establishment successfully tested the Arrow anti-missile system which can intercept and destroy a long-range ballistic missile.

The source stated that the missile uses what he described as “the complicated maneuvers” in intercepting missiles.
Israeli online daily Ynetnews reported that the missile was successfully tested on Thursday “in a secret location” in the center of the country.
The tested Arrow batteries intercepted a ballistic test missile and destroyed it in the complicated interception test the army carried so far.
Around 10:30 am Israel time, the Arrow system was activated to intercept a long range ballistic test missile of sophisticated maneuvering capabilities”, the Ynetnews reported, “The test missile was intercepted and destroyed.
An Israeli military source reported that the preparations for this test and the complicated maneuver have been going on for a long time. He rejected any connection between the test and Iran’s nuclear activities.
Israeli security officials said that Israeli will keep testing and upgrading its systems, and will continuously upgrade its interception capabilities.   
The officials claimed that these tests on new missile are important since Iran and Syria are considered potential threats to Israel.
During the experiment of the new missile, the “Patriot system” was also activated to provide acquisition data on the test missile, and is also used to intercept the missile if the Arrow fails to destroy its target.
The test is considered the fourteenth test carried out by the Israeli army so far, An Israeli Air Force fighter jet fired a test missile prompting automatic activation of the Arrow 2 and Patriot interception systems.
A Radar system known as “The Green Pine” intercepted the test missile and alerted the operation room which engaged in calculations to intercept and destroy the target.
“The Arrow batteries intercepted the test missile and fired an interception missile which identified and destroyed the target through electro-optic sensors” Ynetnews reported.
This successful test clears the way for the Israeli military industries to produce Arrow 3 missile, which are planned to be produced in the first quarter of 2006.
General Yaakov Toren, Israeli Ministry of Defense Director, praised the successful test saying that the ministry of Defense, the Israeli military industries and the army proved their technological contribution for the “security of Israel”.
The Arrow missile project was launched in 1998, so far it cost Israel 2.4 billion US Dollars.