Six Palestinian residents of Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip were killed on Saturday at night, and at least fourty were injured during clashes between the families of Al Kafarna and Al Masry in the city.

Among the killed residents, one Palestinian police, a Palestinian security source reported. The policeman was killed when a stray bullet hit a police station he was situated in.
The clashes between the two families, which are considered among the largest families in Beit Hanoun, erupted initially on Friday, one member of al Masry family was moderately injured, while a member of Al Kafarna family suffered serious wounds, forty residents were injured.  
Dozens of families in Beit Hanoun fled their homes as a result of the continuous exchange of fire between the two clans.  
The residents of Beit Hanoun appealed that Palestinian security devices, and leaders of the Palestinian and Islamic factions to resolve the conflict between the families and spare the blood of the residents.
Meanwhile, Palestinian Minister of Interior and National Security, Nasser Yousef, issued direct orders to the police and security devices to deploy in Beit Hanoun and stop the deadly clashes.
Also, the ministry appealed the residents to stay away from the clash locations in order to enable the police stop the fight an end the conflict.