A medical source in Ramallah reported on Sunday that resident Mohammad Al Ajoury, 25, from Ramallah, was injured by a life round in his chest fired by Palestinian policemen when he failed to stop his vehicle after he was requested to.

Dr. Hasan al Atary, head of Ramallah Governmental Hospital, reported that Al Ajoury is in a critical condition, and that he is currently in the Intensive Care Unit.
Palestinian Security officials said the car was stolen.
The Palestinian Police started, three days ago, a campaign which aims to confiscate stolen vehicles in Ramallah and Al Biereh; the campaign also includes searching for illegal weapons
Dozens of residents protested in the streets after the shooting, burnt tires and hurled stones at the Palestinian policemen, who fired in the air in an attempt to disperse the angry crow.
Some of the demonstrators were Fateh gunmen, apparently affiliated with the younger guard of the movement.
The younger guard of Fateh movement appeared to be achieving victory in the recent internal Fateh elections, and hopes to control the Palestinian parliament after the January 25 legislative elections.