Ziad Al Nakhla, deputy of the Secretary of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, reported that, under the current circumstances, the movement does not intend to renew the truce which will expire by the end of this year.

Al Nakhla reported that Israel continued it operations in the Palestinian areas, and continued its declared policy against the movement, its members and institutions.
“Israel knows that we reject to participate in the elections since they are based on the Oslo accords”, Al Nakhala said, “our main target is the occupation and its army, and Israel knows that very well’”.
Also, Al Nakhla added that the Israeli operations against the movement increase its determination to continue its struggle against the occupation.
“The enemy does not respect its international obligations, and continued its crimes and attacks against the Palestinian people”, Al Nakhla said, “Israel resumed its arrests and attacks against the Palestinians, it also continued the construction of the Separation Wall and settlements in the West Bank”.  
Meanwhile, the Al Aqsa Martyres Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement, said on Sunday that it is committed to the truce, but reserves its right to retaliate to the Israeli operations and violations.
The brigades reported that Israel renewed the shelling of the Palestinian areas, and killed on Saturday two residents in the Gaza Strip; one of them is a fisherman who was killed by the Israeli Navy, while the other was killed east of Khan Younis.
The brigades added that it received an invitation from the Egyptian government to participate in the internal Palestinian talks, in Cairo, scheduled to be conducted by the end of the year.
It confirmed its commitment to the outcomes of the Cairo talks.