Prisoners and detainees at the Damoun prison expressed their deep concern for the life of detainee Ra’fat Amin Mohammed Turkman, from the village of Bier Al Basha near Jenin. Turkman was diagnosed with cancerous tumors.

In letters sent to international and local rights organizations, the prisoners said Turkman has been in prison for three years and was only recently diagnosed with cancerous tumors.
Turkman underwent an operation while at the Hadarim prison and was then transferred to Damoun.
The prisoners reported that they spoke to the prison administration in an attempt to help Turkman in receiving the needed treatment.
The administration agreed to allow a specialist from outside to examine and treat him while his illness is still in its first stages and hopefully help him before it is too late.
However, the Turkman family, whose three sons are in Israeli prisons, cannot cover the costs of treatment.
So, they have made a plea to any rights organization to adopt Ra’fat’s case and help save his life. Ra’fat is married and his three brothers, Izzat, Mohammed and Ahmad all are serving high prison sentences.
The family also called on Israeli authorities to immediately release their son given the risk to his life while in prison.