The Israeli Radio reported, on Tuesday morning, that Israeli border guards’ troops arrested 500 Palestinian workers in Israel over the last 24 hours.

The army claims that the workers were staying in Israeli without obtaining the needed permits from the Israeli authorities, and did not obtain permits which allow them to work in Israel.
The radio revealed that at least 250 workers were also arrested on Sunday for the same reasons.
Some 20 residents were transferred for the Israeli security services for interrogations, while the rest were fined and expelled to the West Bank.
Also, three Israelis were arrested after the police charged that they aided Palestinian workers to enter without obtaining the needed permits.
 One Israeli employer was arrested for employing “an illegal Palestinian workers”, while another Israeli was arrested from providing housing for “illegal workers”.

The Israeli policies in the occupied West Bank, and the continuous closure imposed there, in addition to the continuous Israeli military operations, buckled the Palestinian economy and left hundreds of thousands of residents unemployed, which significantly increased poverty and unemployment rates in the occupied territories.