A Palestinian security source in Gaza reported on Friday, that Israel escalated its military attacks against the Gaza Strip and fired dozens of shells at the Jabalia refugee camp, and several areas in Beit Lahia.

The shells caused considerable dame in a number of homes, while dozens of families fled their homes fearing additional attacks, no injuries were reported.
Palestinian rescue teams and ambulances rushed to the shelled areas in order to aid the residents who fled their homes seeking shelter.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad movement said that it is committed to the truce which was declared by the Palestinian factions in February.
A statement released by the Islamic Jihad confirmed that the political leadership of the Islamic Jihad did not have any information on the Netanya suicide bombing, and that the military wing of the movement carried the bombing on its own.
Khaled Al Batsh, one of the political leaders of the Islamic Jihad, said that the bombing was carried out by one of the branches of the military wing, adding that the political leaders did not have any information about it.  
On Wednesday evening, Israeli soldiers assassinated a fighter of the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, after firing a missile at his car; six residents were injured, three seriously.
The assassinated fighter was identified as Mahmoud Al Arqan, 28.
An Israeli military source reported on Thursday that Israel a comprehensive operation against the infrastructure of the Islamic Jihad movement, in several Palestinian areas, north of the West Bank.
So far, the operations in Gaza take the form of shelling and assassinations without having actual presence of the military inside the Gaza Strip.