A Palestinian expert in lands and settlement activities warned on Monday that Israel is preparing a new plan to evacuate Al Hathaleen tribe in the West Bank city of Hebron from their area.

Abdul-Hadi Hantash, an expert in settlements and maps, the advisor of a Palestinian Department in charge of monitoring the Wall and Israeli settlement activities, said that this plan will cause catastrophic effects on the residents.
A military order carrying number 05-196 was issued by the Israeli army to confiscate 1365 Dunams of farmlands from Al Hathaleen tribe for the construction of the Separation Wall in the area.
The land, which army intends to annex, is a grazing area which includes some 18 water wells owned by the residents of the village, who depend on raising cattle as their daily source of livelihood.
Also, Hantash added that if the army annexes these grazing fields, the tribe will be forced to leave it in an attempt to find search for another grazing area.
Al Hathaleen residents are legitimate owners of the lands which Israel intends to annex for the construction of the Wall, Hantash added.