Israeli soldiers arrested on Monday afternoon, one Palestinian youth from the West Bank city of Jenin at the entrance of Salem military camp, west of city in the West Bank.

The youth, Amir Mahmoud Al Na’aj, 16, was arrested after he attempted to stab a soldier guarding the gate which leads to the military camp, army source claimed.
Soldiers arrested the youth and took him to Salem military camp; he will be transferred later on to an interrogation center, army source said.
Also on Monday, soldiers charged a vehicle with explosives and detonated it at the entrance of the Western Jenin refugee camp; one resident was arrested.
The owner of the vehicle said that soldiers stooped her while she was driving near Al Yamoun and Kafer Dan villages, arrested her son Ala’ Ashraf Sarhan, 21, and detonated their vehicle.
Army source claimed that the vehicle included explosive materials.
For the third day, soldiers resumed the strict closure over Jenin and its surrounding areas, and barred the residents from entering or leaving Jenin.
Also, soldiers installed dozens of roadblocks in the areas, and placed san hills closing several roads and junctions.