A Palestinian security source in Gaza reported on Monday afternoon, that one resident was killed, another injured, after unknown gunmen opened fire at them in the center of Gaza City.
The source identified the resident as Fadi Abdul-Basit Al Kafarna, 23, a Palestinian policeman.
Dr. Jom’a Al Saqqa, head of the public relations department at Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, reported that Al Kafarna died of a gunshot injury in his head.
Resident Ayman Saleh Khaleefa, 33, the friend of Kafarna, was seriously injured in his head, and was admitted to the intensive care unit after surgery.
The incident is more likely related to a dispute between the families of Al Kafarna and Al Masry in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.
Six residents were killed in the dispute which erupted, two weeks ago, between the two families
Three of the killed residents are members of Al Masry family; one is from Al Kafarna family, one woman from Hamad family while the sixth is from Al Shweihy family.