A source at the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza reported on Wednesday at night, that Islamic Jihad media spokesperson, Khader Habib, survived an assassination attempt after an Israeli surveillance plane targeted his vehicle.

Habib was lightly injured after the apaches targeted his vehicle in Al Shuja’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city.
The source reported that at least one missile was fired at Habib’s vehicle, but he and his associates managed to escape before the missile hit their vehicle.
The Islamic Jihad movement vowed fierce retaliation, and said that any attack against the Palestinians will be met with maximum retaliation.
Habib, who is also well-known merchant in his 40s, was repeatedly arrested by the Israeli forces for his activities with Islamic Jihad.
After the assassination attempt, he was taken to a safe house and was in stable condition, Islamic Jihad officials said.
On Wednesday evening, four fighters were assassinated in Al Shuja’eyya neighborhood, after an Israeli war-jet fired several missiles at their vehicle.
The fighters were identified as Husam Abu Nada, Mohammad Hajjo, Rashad Al Sin, and Hmadan Mhanna.