Dr. Moawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported on Sunday that four residents, suffering from chronic diseases, died of anxiety attack and high blood pressure while the army was shelling the Gaza Strip.  

In a press release, Dr. Hassanen said that the four residents had chronic diseases such as heart, diabetes and blood pressure; they died as the military apaches, and artillery were shelling several areas in the Gaza Strip.
Dr. Hassanen added that 77 residents, mainly children and elderly, were hospitalized after suffering anxiety attacks overnight. Several other residents were injured during the shelling.
11 residents were hospitalized in the Psychiatric Hospital, 23 children were hospitalized in the Pediatric Hospital, 7 children were hospitalized in Mohammad Al Dorra Hospital, 17 residents were hospitalized in Al Shifa Hospital, and 19 residents were transferred to other medical centers.
Five pregnant women suffered abortion, and several residents suffered ear bleeding and Hemorrhagic Strokes (bleeding in the brain).
Also, soldiers fired at Civil Defense, and medical, teams as they were evacuating the injured residents.
Dr. Hassanen appealed the International Community to stop the Israeli violations and attacks against the residents and medical teams.