In a sudden and unexpected move, Israeli occupation forces closed off, on Monday, the entrance leading to the Huwwara Boys’ School south of Nablus, thus impeding the arrival of students to their classrooms on time.

According to Huwwara residents, the students were surprised to find dirt barricades along the entrance to their school just ten meters away from the main gate.
Students and teachers were forced to climb over the barricades, which had become a muddy mess from the rainfall over the past two days.
Huwwara mayor Mansour Dmeidi says Israeli occupation authorities intentionally took this action to further plague Huwwara residents.
They claim the barricade is to prevent citizens’ cars from taking the dirt road adjacent to the school to avoid the checkpoint set up at the Yitzhar junction.
He explained that the Yitzhar checkpoint is less than one kilometer away from the main Huwarra checkpoint.
Mohammed Sweiti, a Huwarra resident, says the new dirt barricade not only causes delays for students and teachers reaching the school, but also prevents the arrival of major school supplies from reaching.