Throughout the morning, afternoon and evening on Saturday, day 203 of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, Israeli bombardment in north, central and southern Gaza continued. On Saturday afternoon, the Israeli army fired a missile at a group of Palestinians near Wadi Gaza area, north of the Nusseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza, killing at least three and wounding many others.

The Palestinian Health Ministry warned of a serious outbreak of diseases and skin conditions, especially due to the accumulation of waste and swage between the tents of the displaced Palestinians, and the serious increase of reptiles and insects amidst the rising temperatures.

Palestinians in the tent camps in Rafah posted signs to let the American students know that they are thankful for all the support eh sdunt

Israel has now killed at least 43.388 Palestinians, and injured more than 77.437, mostly women and children, in addition to the thousands of Palestinians who remain missing, largely under the rubble, in several parts of the Gaza Strip, since October 7, 2023.

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Day 204: Genocide Continues In Gaza, Israel Kills Dozens

Published on: Apr 27, 2024 at 13:02

On Saturday, Day 204 of the ongoing Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the army continued the bombing of various parts of the coastal enclave, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians, including children and women.

In the Nusseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza, the army fired missiles at two homes, killing at least eight Palestinians, including women and children, and wounding dozens.

Medical sources said the army fired a missile at a home in the Sultan neighborhood in Nusseirat, killing four Palestinians, including a newborn girl, who were all severely mutilated, and wounding many Palestinians, mostly women and children.

The sources added that the army also fired a missile at another home in the refugee camp, killing four Palestinians and wounding at least thirty, mostly women and children.

The army also bombarded and shelled various parts of central Gaza, especially the Al-Mughraqa area, causing many casualties.

In Gaza City, the army fired barrages of missiles and shells at several parts of the city, especially the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, destroying at least three homes and causing many casualties.

Also, Israeli navy ships fired dozens of live rounds at displaced Palestinians who sought shelter at the coast of Gaza City.

The Mayor of Beit Lahia, Ala’ Al-Attar, said the Israeli army has destroyed more than %70 of the water wells and %50 of sanitation pumps, in the city, in addition to the destruction of homes and buildings due to constant bombing of the civilian areas.

In Rafah, in Gaza’s southmost part, the army fired missiles at a home in the city, killing at least six Palestinians, including children, and wounding dozens, some seriously.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said, that by April 22, the number of Palestinians in Rafah, which is only 63.1 Kilometers, has reached at least 1.1 million, an issue that is also impacting all health and humanitarian services amidst constant Israeli bombings, the lack of medical supplies, food and sanitation.

Rafah is the last area the Palestinians can escape to, but Israel keeps bombing it to force them to leave the coastal region into the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

On Friday, the Israeli army murdered a journalist Ibrahim Al-Gharbawi while he was reporting from Hamad city in Khan Younis, bringing the number of slain journalists and media workers to 140.

UNRWA said “The Living conditions in Gaza continue to rapidly deteriorate. Rising temperatures & water scarcity in Rafah, where 1.2 million people shelter, are heightening disease risks. Humanitarians need further support & unimpeded access to alleviate suffering & save lives.”

Also, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated that a baby girl has died in Rafah, amidst increasing concerns over the devastated sanitation condition and the rising of temperature.

Israel has now killed at least 34.356 Palestinians, mostly women, and children, and injured more than 77.368, in addition to the thousands of slain Palestinians who remain under the rubble and on streets, in several parts of the destroyed Gaza Strip, since October 7, 2023.