The two foreign teachers, who were abducted in Gaza earlier on Friday, were released unharmed shortly after the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian (PFLP) claimed responsibility for abducting them.

The two teachers were on their way to a private American school in the Gaza Strip. One of the abductees is the school principal, from Holland, while the other is his Australian deputy. 
They were freed eight hours after their abduction, following the intervention of a lawmaker from the PFLP. The abductors said that they carried the abduction to push for the release of the movement’s jailed leaders from the Jericho prison. The jailed PFLP leaders were transferred to Jericho prison, for suspicion of involvement in the assassination of the killing Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Ze’evi at a Jerusalem hotel in 2001.
The PFLP leaders are guarded under U.S. and British supervision as part of an arrangement between Israel and the PA.
Palestinian security devices managed to solve similar kidnappings within hours and the captives released unharmed.
Yet, such incidents harm the Palestinian position and could strengthen the Israeli stand which repeatedly accused the P.A of not being able to control the situation in the Palestinian areas. 
Belgian, Dutch teachers abducted, north of Gaza City
Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies, 11:27
A Palestinian security source in Gaza reported, on Wednesday morning, that Palestinian gunmen abducted two foreign teachers of the American school, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.
The foreign teachers, Belgian and Dutch, were abducted after gunmen stopped their car, forced them in their vehicle and drove away. Several rounds of live ammunition were fired in the air during the abduction.  
School administration conformed that two of its faculty members are missing, and sent the students back home.
An Eyewitness said that three cars intercepted the vehicle of the teachers, and took them away.   
Palestinian security forces initiated a probe and wide-scaled search, after surrounding the area, in an attempt to locate the teachers.
The American School is an elite private school which includes about 100 Palestinian students.
P.A security devices managed to resolve similar abduction within hours, and the captives were released unharmed.
On Tuesday, a group of gunmen threatened to abduct foreigners if the Palestinian Authority fails to fold them in its security devices; they denied any involvement in Wednesday’s kidnapping.