Israeli soldiers arrested two Palestinian residents in the West Bank city of Hebron, and the nearby village of Al Thahiriyya, after invading them conducting military searches, a Palestinian security source reported.

The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that soldiers arrested residents Sameer Mohammad Al Jabareen, 27, from Al Thahiryya village, and resident Ismail Omar Bader, 33, from Hebron. 
The father of Bader said that soldiers, supported by armored vehicles, invaded the city, broke into a Car Gallery, in Al Bassa area, and arrested his son who works there. 
Several homes were searched in Al Thahiriyya after the army invaded it; dozens of residents were detained and interrogated for several hours.
Also, soldiers closed the main entrance of Bad Al Khan areas in the Old City of Hebron, and conducted military searches.
A source at Hebron Construction Committee in the Old City, reported that soldiers closed an areas which links between Souq Al Laban area, and the neighborhoods of Bab Al Khan, and Bani Dar; the residents were barred from entering or leaving the two areas.
Soliers closed all roads leading to Bab Al Sahla, Bab Al Khan and the main road which leads to the Ibrahimi Mosque.
Imad Hamdan, acting director of the Hebron Construction Committee said that these procedures are part of continues Israeli attempts, carried over the last six moths, in order to install six gates at the entrances of the Old City; the gates are electronic and includes search machines. 
Hamdan added that the committee files several appeals to the Israeli High Court regarding the repeated closures of the Old City.