An Israeli Police source in Netanya reported, on Thursday at night that, one LAW missile was fired in Ramat Poleg neighborhood, in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya. The police believe that the missile aimed at arch-criminal Asi Abutbul.

The man was brought later on to testify at a local police station.
An initial investigation, conducted by the Israeli police, revealed that the missile exploded on a road, just a few meters from the building in which Abutbul resides, Israeli online daily Ynetnews reported.
Three Israelis were taken for interrogation; the three are apparently bodyguards of Abutbul.
A resident of the area said that the missile shook the walls of his home. He added that he and his family directly knew that this is an ultra-sonic boom “because  Abutbul lives nearby”.
Residents of the neighborhood expressed their frustration from the attack, saying that only luck prevented ordinary residents from being hurt.
Three weeks ago, the Israeli police reported that a ready-for-launch LAW missile was located in Kfar Saba forest,
Police reports revealed that the missile was placed in the forest by people who planned to use it for criminal intent.
Also, in October another ready-for-launch missile was discovered in Eilat, near the city’s soccer stadium.
Crime division believes that the missile was to be used for a drive-by attack on Itzik Abarjil.
Abarjil was also targeted by a LAW missile a few days earlier.