Israeli soldiers began shelling several targets in the northern part of the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening, and moved into these areas in order to implement the “buffer zone” after forcing the residents out.

An Israeli military source claimed that these areas which were described as “no-go-zone” are areas of no villages and run along the border with Israel.
Major Avital Leibowich, spokeswoman of the Israeli army, said that the military is stepping up the level of response, and “will do anything to stop the firing of homemade shells at Israeli targets”.
Also, an Israeli military source reported that the “Blue Sky” operation officially started on Wednesday at 18:00 by conducting intensive shelling against targets in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and along the borders of the “security fence”.
The source stated that air-strikes will be carried out in the area at a later stage.
Earlier Monday, the army launched the first stage of its plans for a no-go zone, with after the Israeli aircraft dropped leaflets calling the residents to clear the area by 6 P.M.
The leaflets called on residents to leave the area where the former settlements of Nissanit, Elei Sinai and Dugit today, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.
Army claims that these areas were used by the resistance as launching pads of Qassam homemade shells.
The leaflets warn that anyone spotted in the area after 6 P.M. Wednesday will be targeted by military fire.
Moreover, Israeli military commanders handed Palestinian Authority security officials maps defining the prohibited zones.