Israeli Prison Authorities barred visitations of detainees imprisoned in Gilboa’ and Shatta detention facilities, and informed the Red Cross of the decision without providing any further details.

Families of dozens of detainees protested in Ginsafut village, near Jenin, after waiting for several hours, since early dawn on Thursday, before they were informed that the prison administration barred all visitations.
The families appealed the Red Cross and Human Rights organizations to stop the Israeli procedures and violations against the rights of the detainees and their families.
Also, Head of the Jenin office of the Red Cross called on the parents of the detainees imprisoned in the Negev, Asqalan and Ofer detention facilities to head for the Red Cross office in the city on Saturday to arrange the coming visitation.
In a separate incident, the Salem Israeli military court sentenced on Thursday detainees Nitham Mustafa Sawafta, 32, and detainees Monther Mustafa Sawafta, 21, to twelve months after charging them of membership in the Islamic Jihad.
Fifteen other detainees from several West Bank areas received extended remands for periods which varied between eights and thirty days.