The Palestinian Ministry of Interior and National Security strongly denounced the murder of a Palestinian policeman by gunmen in Gaza city; three other policemen and three residents were injured.
The ministry released a statement condemning the attack which came as the Palestinian Authority was cracking down on crime and drug trafficking.
The attack was carried out after gunmen, driving four cars, attacked the police station and shot killed officer Abdul-Rahim Saleh, 20.
Three other policemen identified as Nidal Azzam Wadi, Mohammad Mansour and Husam Jouda, were injured.
Also, the gunmen shot and injured three residents, one moderately. The injured residents were identified as Mohammad Al Bahteety, 20, Abdullah Al Riziq, and Siriyya Al Harbeety, 50.
One gunman was killed by police fire, and several other gunmen were arrested and transferred for interrogation.
The gunmen initiated the attack after the police arrested a resident suspected of trafficking drugs. He was arrested as he heading back to the Gaza Strip after visiting Egypt.
The gunmen, apparently relatives of the resident who was arrested after an arrest warrant was issued against him, attacked the police station in an attempt to free him.
The Ministry of Interior said that it will implement law and order in the Palestinian controlled area, and “will strike hard against any side that attacks the security men and the residents”.