Extremist settlers of Keryat Aba’ settlement, east of the West Bank city of Hebron, renewed  on Thursday, their attacks against the residents of both Wadi Al-Hussein and Wad Al-Nasara areas, near the settlement, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

A local source in Hebron reported that the settlers hurled stones and empty bottles at a number of houses in Wad Al Hussein area, causing panic among the residents.
Residents, Abdul-Hai Abu Is’efan, and Jamil Abu Is’efan said that the settlers, along with extreme rightists, had escalated their attacked over the last three months, causing damage to the homes and properties.
The attacks were carried out while the Israeli police and soldiers were present, and did not attempt to stop them.
Also, residents of the nearby neighbourhood of Wad Al Nassara, reported that the settlers repeatedly attacked and barred them from using the road which links between the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Keryat Arba’ settlement; settlers claim that the road is designated for them.  
Residents of the area said that the settlers confiscated a land which belongs to Mahmoud Jaber, four years ago, in order to construct an illegal settlement out post there.
The settlers want to control the Palestinian areas in order to maintain geographical unity between the illegal settlement outposts in the Old City of Hebron and the settlements of Kharseena and Keryat Arba’, east of the city.