The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation launched a petition protesting against the Caterpillar Company for heavy industries.

The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that the campaign published a public petition calling citizens to write for congress members calling them not to accept Caterpillar money.
The campaign said that the Caterpillar profits come from Israel’s violations to the Palestinian human rights by selling bulldozers to the Israeli army through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.
It added that Israel uses these bulldozers to injure and kill civilians, destroy houses, agriculture, and infrastructure, and build illegal settlements and its illegal Wall in the West Bank.
Such actions contravene the Geneva Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the recent advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice.
"In addition, it is possible that the sale of Caterpillar equipment to the Israeli army violates the US Arms Export Control Act and US Foreign Assistance Acts," the campaign argues.
Since 1998, Caterpillar’s political action committee (PAC) has given more than $1 million to candidates for Congress. To find out if and how much money your Members of Congress have received from Caterpillar, according to the campaign.