Leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh, said that the brigades decided to bar the international observers from working in Jenin or entering it, and that the brigades decided to bar the Legislative Elections in Jenin area.
The brigades released a statement calling on the international observers committee and other foreign commissions to leave Jenin area immediately.
Zobeidi said that the brigades held talks with Fateh leaders and informed them that it rejects holding the elections while the Israeli occupation "continues its war and military escalation in the occupied territories, especially in Gaza".
"Jenin is facing daily invasions and military terror which targets the families and their children", Zobeidi stated, "Gaza is facing daily shelling, and a continuous Israeli plans to create what Israel calls a security zone, which aims to evacuate the resident by shelling their homes".
Also, Zobeidi added that it does not make any sense to conduct the elections while the army resumes its assassinations against resistance fighters and leaders.
He also slammed "the acts of some candidates and factions "who are carrying their election campaigns "while the occupation strangles our people", and demanded the international observers to leave Jenin as soon as possible.