The Palestinian Maan News Agency reported that Sheikh Mahmoud Zahar, one of Hamas political leaders in, denied any possibility that the Islamic resistance Movement, Hamas, will enter into negotiations with Israel if it wins seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections.

Zahar stated that Hamas will take all necessary steps to cut relations with Israel; "Hamas is not committed in any way to hold negotiations with Israel".
The Hamas leader called for the creation of a self-sustaining economy so that Palestinians will not be obliged to work inside Israel; Israeli contractors regularly employ Palestinians to provide cheap labor.
In response to recent statements by the European Union and the United States to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority should Hamas win seats in the upcoming PLC Zahar said "that Islamic institutions and societies will provide funds".
He pointed out that after the movement won seats in local council elections, Arab and foreign donors still provided financial assistance.
Zahar added that the movement will not compromise its "dignity or positions" in order to maintain financial aid from donor countries.
The leader accused unnamed armed groups of attempting to postpone the PLC elections. He said that these groups are either armed clans, who are afraid of other clans in the absence of a strong central legal authority, or groups attempting to create "an atmosphere of horrifying others" in order to delay the elections; he did not name any parties he believes to be responsible for incidents of lawlessness.
Referring to the issue of collaborator with the Israeli security, Zahar said that there are some collaborators who could be rehabilitated, while other are "criminals" and must be brought to justice in accordance to the effective Palestinian laws.
Regarding Jerusalem, Zahar said that the Palestinians must find a means to hold the elections in Jerusalem, the future capital of the Palestinian State.