Senior physicians at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem said, on Tuesday evening, that the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, showed movement on his left side Tuesday, for the first time since his massive stroke and brain hemorrhage six days ago.

The damage to Sharon’s brain is believed to be concentrated in those areas of the right hemisphere which control the left side of his body, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.
Haaretz quoted hospital director Professor Shlomo Mor-Yosef telling reporters that in addition to responses on his left side, movements on Sharon’s right side were more intense Tuesday, and that his breathing was more independent.
"These are neurological changes that show slight improvement in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s brain functioning," Mor-Yosef said.
Dr. Yoram Weiss, one of the medical team treating the prime minister, said that although Sharon is still connected to a respirator, his breathing is causing the machine to operate.
Dr. Weiss added that the improvement is still not enough to reveal the extent of Sharon’s cognitive improvement.
"There are still drugs that could cause us not to see cognitive improvement", Dr. Weiss said, "We simply need patience".
He added that Sharon is still in critical, but stable condition, ad that his life is not in immediate danger.
Doctors at Hadassah hospital said that Sharon’s sons spoke to him, and that he responded with an increase in blood pressure. 
Omri Sharon came out of the hospital Tuesday to offer his thanks to Israelis, Hadassah hospital and the Sharon’s doctors.