In an interview with the Palestine news Network, Sheikh Yasser Mansour, a prominent leader of Hamas, said that the movement decided to participate in the Legislative Elections in order to rebuild the Palestinian society and government side by side with its active role in the resistance.

Mansour was Interviewed by Amin Abu Warda, Palestine News Network
He said that Hamas will not agree to a one-sided truce, adding that the upcoming elections are an achieved rights and part of the implementation of Cairo agreement between the Palestinian factions and the Palestinian Authority.
The interview:
Q: Is Hamas fully ready for the upcoming elections?
A: Hamas has concluded all preparations to participate in the elections, including its lists of candidates that had been submitted to the Central elections committee, in addition to announcement of the final program of the movement showing its guidelines in the coming stage.
Q: How were the candidates chosen?
A: Choosing the candidates started earlier, through holding meetings, and ongoing consultations among the members and leaders of the movement members including those imprisoned members, and women.
The candidates were chosen through democratic elections, each in his area, in accordance to the recommendations and qualities of the candidates as stated by the movement.
Q: Hamas movement hinted its rejection of the calm period. What do think of that ahead of the elections?
 A: The movement believes that the calm should be bilateral with Israel, and not unilateral.
Q: Will resistance stop, especially after Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, and your participating in the elections?
Resistance is a legitimate right, as long as there is occupation there will be resistance. The protection of armed resistance is everybody’s duty.  We all reject labeling the resistance as terrorism.
Q: Why did Hamas decide to take part in the coming elections?
A: Elections are a national duty and not a gift from anyone. They come in accordance to the Cairo Agreement attended by all Palestinian factions, and the Palestinian Authority
There is an urgent necessity to hold these elections on their scheduled time; any delay of these elections is rejected and serves interests of certain groups.
Hamas’s decision to participate in these elections was based on the national and political    partnership, and after the significant victory Hamas achieved in the local elections.
This participation will not be against the agenda of resistance, which is adopted by the movement.
This decision was made after discussions, and negotiations, with all sides inside the movement.
Q: What do you think of the security enforcement campgain the PA security departments are implementing?
A: We support this campaign of enforcing law and order, but on basis of justice and equality for all, affirming that the armed resistance is not allowed to be harmed.