In an article published, on Monday by the New Yorker magazine, Israeli sources revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered, before he suffered the stroke, the Israeli National Security Council to weigh four possibilities regarding further evacuations.

This article appeared in the Israeli daily Haaretz Monday morning and showed full details the latest plan for the West Bank taken from Israeli sources, under the title, "Sources: PM sought deal with PA on evacuating 20 settlements", the Maan News Agency reported.
The first options includes evacuation of isolated settlements in the West Bank, the second includes the evacuation of an entire settlement region, most likely near Nablus, withdrawal from 88 percent of the West Bank, or withdrawing from 92 percent of the West Bank.
The Israeli sources cited Sharon’s associates saying that his operative plan was to negotiate with the Palestinians over an interim agreement, under which Israel will evacuate some 20 isolated settlement outposts.
Members of Sharon’s inner circle will take in consideration the possibility of withdrawing to the border delineated by the Separation Wall in return for American recognition of this line as Israel’s permanent borders.
According  to Sharon’s  associates by the end of the decade, Israel will withdraw almost to the Separation Wall line, turning the Jordan Valley into a security zone – though it will not necessarily be under Israeli control.
Yet, Sharon refused to state where the borders will be. The sources said when he mentioned terms with the notion of a Palestinian state, he said it will be demilitarized and will not control Israel’s water sources. He also insisted on continued territorial contiguity with Hebron settlement blocs and on control over Jerusalem.
Sharon’s associates said that the current Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, believes he will take advantage of implementing the disengagement of some of the settlements in the West Bank in order to pressure the Palestinians to commit to a gradual diplomatic process that will not end with a permanent peace agreement.