Hamas leader and candidate for the Palestinian Legislative Council elections, Mahmoud Al Zahhar, said on Wednesday at night, that the movement has no choice but to abduct Israeli soldiers in order to secure the release of Palestinian detainees.

The statements of Zahhar came during a public campaign rally in Khan Younis. He stated that Hamas considers the issue of Palestinian detainees as a top priority.
"We will have no rest until all detainees are released from Israeli prisons without any preconditions, or labels", he said, "Israel is our enemy who killed our children, destroyed our homes and farms, and kicked us of our original land".
Also, Zahhar added that Hamas "will never negotiate with Israel or recognize it", and that the movement will continue its program which is based on resistance "after the failure of the Oslo agreements".
He reported that Hamas is willing to create a strong Palestinian government "which will serve the people in an honest and fair way", adding that the movement is ready to cooperate with all factions.
Zahhar also stated that Hamas decided to participate in the elections in order to support the resistance and build a civilized Palestinian society, based on pluralism.
He noted that Hamas wants to develop Palestinian industries and is willing to cooperate with the Arab and Islamic world. Such cooperation, according to Zahhar, would undermine the threats by the US and the European Union to cut aid if the movement wins the elections.